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Embroidering a Filmsy Photorechargeable Energy Fabric with Wide Weather Adaptability

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posted on 09.01.2020, 16:34 by Fang Huang, Hui Yu, Siwei Xiang, Jie Xue, Hai Ming, Changyuan Tao, Nannan Zhang, Xing Fan
To provide a light and breathable self-charging wearable power source adaptable for various weather conditions and body movements, couching embroidery has been proposed as an industrially scalable electrode-to-device assembling strategy, rather than a decorative textile pattern making process. Various types of cable electrodes and device units with a large size and shape difference were directly and reliably assembled on a light and soft tulle to form either photovoltaic or battery devices, which can be further integrated following any irregular pattern and any electrical connection design. Under sunlight, a transparent tulle as a glove or scarf can be charged up at a power of 10 W/m2, and then maintain stable power output in the dark for various weather and body moving conditions, including bending, twisting, hand-stretching, wind blowing, and water washing. Our approaches not only simplified the fabrication of integrated fabric-type energy devices but also improved the structural and functional design flexibility of a portable electronic power source, especially for summer wearing applications.