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Electron Irradiation Driven Nanohands for Sequential Origami

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posted on 2020-06-16, 15:10 authored by Chunhui Dai, Lianbi Li, Daniel Wratkowski, Jeong-Hyun Cho
Sequence plays an important role in self-assembly of 3D complex structures, particularly for those with overlap, intersection, and asymmetry. However, it remains challenging to program the sequence of self-assembly, resulting in geometric and topological constrains. In this work, a nanoscale, programmable, self-assembly technique is reported, which uses electron irradiation as “hands” to manipulate the motion of nanostructures with the desired order. By assigning each single assembly step in a particular order, localized motion can be selectively triggered with perfect timing, making a component accurately integrate into the complex 3D structure without disturbing other parts of the assembly process. The features of localized motion, real-time monitoring, and surface patterning open the possibility for the further innovation of nanomachines, nanoscale test platforms, and advanced optical devices