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Electrically Fueled Active Supramolecular Materials

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posted on 2022-04-21, 14:10 authored by Serxho Selmani, Eric Schwartz, Justin T. Mulvey, Hong Wei, Adam Grosvirt-Dramen, Wyeth Gibson, Allon I. Hochbaum, Joseph P. Patterson, Regina Ragan, Zhibin Guan
Fuel-driven dissipative self-assemblies play essential roles in living systems, contributing both to their complex, dynamic structures and emergent functions. Several dissipative supramolecular materials have been created using chemicals or light as fuel. However, electrical energy, one of the most common energy sources, has remained unexplored for such purposes. Here, we demonstrate a new platform for creating active supramolecular materials using electrically fueled dissipative self-assembly. Through an electrochemical redox reaction network, a transient and highly active supramolecular assembly is achieved with rapid kinetics, directionality, and precise spatiotemporal control. As electronic signals are the default information carriers in modern technology, the described approach offers a potential opportunity to integrate active materials into electronic devices for bioelectronic applications.