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Efficient Red-Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution with an Anthraquinone Organic Dye

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posted on 2022-10-19, 15:35 authored by Mei Ming, Huiqing Yuan, Shuang Yang, Zuting Wei, Qinqin Lei, Jingxiang Lei, Zhiji Han
The direct utilization of the full solar spectrum to obtain renewable fuels remains a challenge because the conversion of the low-energy light (red and near-infrared) is difficult. Current light-driven systems show activity for hydrogen generation with the high-energy part of sunlight. Here we report the use of a simple anthraquinone organic dye in an artificial photosynthetic system that promotes efficient red-light-driven production of hydrogen. The system contains no noble metal and exhibits a turnover number greater than 0.78 million and a quantum yield of 30.6% at 630 nm. A mechanistic study revealed that the excited-state and redox properties of the chromophore are critical to achieving high activity and stability.