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Efficient All-Dielectric Diatomic Metasurface for Linear Polarization Generation and 1‑Bit Phase Control

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posted on 22.03.2021, 05:04 by Song Gao, Changyi Zhou, Wenjing Yue, Yang Li, Chunwei Zhang, Hao Kan, Chao Li, Sang-Shin Lee, Duk-Yong Choi
Optical metasurface has exhibited unprecedented capabilities in the regulation of light properties at a subwavelength scale. In particular, a multifunctional polarization metasurface making use of light polarization to integrate distinct functionalities on a single platform can be greatly helpful in the miniaturization of photonic systems and has become a hot research topic in recent years. Here, we propose and demonstrate an efficient all-dielectric diatomic metasurface, the unit cell of which is composed of a pair of a-Si:H-based nanodisks and nanopillars that play the roles as polarization-maintaining and polarization-converting meta-atoms, respectively. Through rigorous theoretical analyses and numerical simulations, we show that a properly designed diatomic metasurface can work as a nanoscale linear polarizer for generating linearly polarized light with a controllable polarization angle and superior performances including a maximum transmission efficiency of 96.2% and an extinction ratio of 32.8 dB at an operation wavelength of 690 nm. Three metasurface samples are fabricated and experimentally characterized to verify our claims and their potential applications. Furthermore, unlike previously reported dielectric diatomic metasurfaces which merely manipulate the polarization state, the proposed diatomic metasurface can be easily modified to empower 1-bit phase modulation without altering the polarization angle and sacrificing the transmission efficiency. This salient feature further leads to the demonstration of a metasurface beam splitter that can be equivalently seen as the integration of a nonpolarizing beam splitter and a linear polarizer, which has never been reported before. We envision that various metadevices equipping with distinct wavefront shaping functionalities can be realized by further optimizing the diatomic metasurface to achieve an entire 2π phase control.