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Eco-Friendly Superhydrophobic Composites with Thermostability, UV Resistance, and Coating Transparency

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posted on 16.12.2021, 16:53 authored by Jinming Wan, Jun Xu, Shiyun Zhu, Jinpeng Li, Bin Wang, Jinsong Zeng, Jun Li, Kefu Chen
Despite the market demand for biofiber assemblies endowed with superhydrophobicity being huge, the current approaches to their production are complicated, time-consuming, and even pose a serious threat to the environment. Here, we report a simple surface treatment strategy to prepare environmentally friendly superhydrophobic biofiber composites. The obtained samples have certain UV resistance properties, which are mainly determined by the titanium dioxide (TiO2) dosage. Additionally, the sample has excellent thermal stability, and the contact angle is maintained at 153.26° after heat treatment at 140 °C for 1 h. Quite encouragingly, thermal annealing of samples can transform translucent coatings into transparent structures and increase the tensile strength. The results also showed that this strategy could be integrated into the mass production process of other biofiber components as coating, such as coated paper, pulp boards, cotton gauzes, tissues, and so forth. Due to the facile preparation and environment-friendliness, this sustainable paper-based product can be used in diversified applications: packaging and storage of liquid food, protection of ancient books, UV- and rain-proof materials, and teaching demonstrations relevant to bionics, among others.