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Dynamic Behavior of Droplet Impact on Laminar Superheated Particles

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posted on 2023-08-11, 16:35 authored by Yunlong Jiao, Xidong Hu, Yongqing Zhu, Yuhang Guo, Jiawei Ji, Yu Du, Jiaxiang Wang, Xiaojun Liu, Wei Wang, Kun Liu
The impact of droplets on particles involves a wide range of complex phenomena and mechanisms, including bubble nucleation, crater formation, fluidization, and more intricate changes in the boiling regime when impacting superheated particles. In this study, we focus on droplet impact behavior on superheated laminar particles at various temperatures and define six typical characteristic patterns of a single droplet impact on superheated laminar particles, including film evaporation, bubbly boiling, immersion boiling, sputter boiling, transition boiling, and film boiling. It is worth noting that the variations of inertial force FI caused by gravity, the capillary force FC generated by the pores of the droplets, and the dewetting force by the vapor phase FV are the main contributors to different evaporation regimes. Interestingly, we find that the Leidenfrost point (LFP) of droplets on the laminar superheated particles decreases with particle size, which is related to the effect of the pore space generated between the laminar particles. Finally, the effect of temperature, particle size, and Weber number (We) on the dynamic behavior of droplet impact is revealed. Experimental results show that the instantaneous diameter of droplets is inversely proportional to the change of height, with different patterns of maximum spreading diameter and maximum bounce height at different particle sizes, while the maximum spreading velocity and maximum bounce velocity are independent of particle size. We believe the present work would provide a broader knowledge and comprehension of the droplet impact on heated particles and promote the development of the safety and productivity of industrial processes such as fluid catalytic cracking, spray drying, and spray cooling.