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Drop Capturing Based on Patterned Substrate in Space

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posted on 2018-03-28, 00:00 authored by Weibin Li, Ding Lan, Honghui Sun, Yuren Wang
In this work, we introduced a method for capturing aqueous drop based on a patterned substrate in space. Through the manipulation test of a colloidal drop, it could be verified that this patterned substrate had excellent control ability for aqueous drop in microgravity condition. The confinement mechanism of this substrate was clarified, which showed that drops with different volume could be pinned and attracted at a given area on the substrate. The confinement capability was related to the gravity effect, and the patterned substrate could confine aqueous drops with larger volume under microgravity than in normal gravity. With advantages of simple operation and strong capability to control large drops, this technique exhibited the wide application prospect in the fields of fluid management, biosensing, and pharmacy in microgravity condition in the future.