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Directional Transportation on Microplate-Arrayed Surfaces Driven via a Magnetic Field

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posted on 03.08.2021, 12:36 by Chenghao Li, Shuai Wang, Ming Liu, Zhilong Peng, Bo Zhang, Shaohua Chen
Directional transportation on micro/nanostructure-arrayed surfaces driven by an external field has attracted increasing attention in numerous domains, and this has led to significant progress in this field. In this study, an efficient method for high-speed transportation of solid objects is proposed based on magnetically responsive microplate arrays with a high aspect ratio. The transport speed is approximately an order of magnitude higher than the existing value. In addition, the speed of the transported objects can be controlled appropriately by the speed of the magnet. Besides, objects with varying shapes and sizes can be transported in both air and water. Further investigation of the transport mechanism reveals a rapid release of the elastic strain energy stored in the microplate. Hence, using this energy, the object can bounce forward quickly. The proposed technique and design aid not only in studies on more efficient, intelligent, or even programmed micro/nanotransportation but also in micro/nanomanipulation.