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Direct Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Complex Mixtures by Nanoelectrospray with Simultaneous Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization and Electrophoretic Separation Capabilities

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posted on 06.09.2019, 18:44 by Dmytro S. Kulyk, Devin J. Swiner, Taghi Sahraeian, Abraham K. Badu-Tawiah
Accurate and rapid analysis of complex microsamples are challenging tasks in translational research. Nanoelectrospray ionization (nESI) is the method of choice for analyzing small sample volumes by mass spectrometry (MS), but this technique works well only for polar analytes. Herein, we describe a versatile dual noncontact nESI/nAPCI (nanoatmospheric pressure chemical ionization) source that allows simultaneous detection of both polar and nonpolar analytes in microliter quantities of samples under ambient conditions and without pretreatment. The same device can be activated to enable electrophoretic separation. The noncontact nESI/nAPCI MS platform was applied to analyze different samples, including high sensitive direct analysis of biofluids and the efficient detection of proteins in buffers with high concentration of nonvolatile salts. Excellent linearity, accuracy and limits of detection were achieved for compounds with different chemical properties in different matrices. The high sensitivity, universality, simplicity, and ease of operation make this MS technique promising for use in clinical and forensic applications.