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Direct Chemical-Vapor-Deposition-Fabricated, Large-Scale Graphene Glass with High Carrier Mobility and Uniformity for Touch Panel Applications

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posted on 22.11.2016, 00:00 by Jingyu Sun, Zhaolong Chen, Long Yuan, Yubin Chen, Jing Ning, Shuwei Liu, Donglin Ma, Xiuju Song, Manish K. Priydarshi, Alicja Bachmatiuk, Mark H. Rümmeli, Tianbao Ma, Linjie Zhi, Libai Huang, Yanfeng Zhang, Zhongfan Liu
In this work, we report the transfer-free measurement of carrier dynamics and transport of direct chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown graphene on glass with the aid of ultrafast transient absorption microscopy (TAM) and demonstrate the use of such graphene glass for high-performance touch panel applications. The 4.5 in.-sized graphene glass was produced by an optimized CVD procedure, which can readily serve as transparent conducting electrode (TCE) without further treatment. The graphene glass exhibited an intriguing optical transmittance and electrical conductance concurrently, presenting a sheet resistance of 370–510 Ω·sq–1 at a transmittance of 82%, much improved from our previous achievements. Moreover, direct measurement of graphene carrier dynamics and transport by TAM revealed the similar biexponential decay behavior to that of CVD graphene grown on Cu, along with a carrier mobility as high as 4820 cm2·V–1·s–1. Such large-area, highly uniform, transparent conducting graphene glass was assembled to integrate resistive touch panels that demonstrated a high device performance. Briefly, this work aims to present the great feasibility of good quality graphene glass toward scalable and practical TCE applications.