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Dimensionality of Rolled-up Nanomembranes Controls Neural Stem Cell Migration Mechanism

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posted on 2015-12-17, 09:05 authored by Britta Koch, Anne K. Meyer, Linda Helbig, Stefan M. Harazim, Alexander Storch, Samuel Sanchez, Oliver G. Schmidt
We employ glass microtube structures fabricated by rolled-up nanotechnology to infer the influence of scaffold dimensionality and cell confinement on neural stem cell (NSC) migration. Thereby, we observe a pronounced morphology change that marks a reversible mesenchymal to amoeboid migration mode transition. Space restrictions preset by the diameter of nanomembrane topography modify the cell shape toward characteristics found in living tissue. We demonstrate the importance of substrate dimensionality for the migration mode of NSCs and thereby define rolled-up nanomembranes as the ultimate tool for single-cell migration studies.