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Controlled Formation and Mixing of Two-Dimensional Fluids

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posted on 03.04.2020, 17:33 by Ilja Czolkos, Yavuz Erkan, Paul Dommersnes, Aldo Jesorka, Owe Orwar
We introduce a novel technique for the controlled spreading and mixing of lipid monolayers from multilamellar precursors on surfaces covered by the hydrophobic epoxy resin SU-8. The lipid spreads as a monolayer as a result of the high surface tension between SU-8 and the aqueous environment. A micropatterned device with SU-8 lanes, injection pads, and mixing regions, surrounded by hydrophilic Au, was constructed to allow handling of lipid films and to achieve their mixing at controlled stoichiometry. Our findings offer a new approach to dynamic surface functionalization and decoration as well as surface-based catalysis and self-assembly.