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Control of Lineage-Specific Gene Expression by Functionalized gRNA Barcodes

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posted on 31.08.2018, 00:00 by Aziz M. Al’Khafaji, Daniel Deatherage, Amy Brock
Lineage tracking delivers essential quantitative insight into dynamic, probabilistic cellular processes, such as somatic tumor evolution and differentiation. Methods for high diversity lineage quantitation rely on sequencing a population of DNA barcodes. However, manipulation of specific individual lineages is not possible with this approach. To address this challenge, we developed a functionalized lineage tracing tool, Control of Lineages by Barcode Enabled Recombinant Transcription (COLBERT), that enables high diversity lineage tracing and lineage-specific manipulation of gene expression. This modular platform utilizes expressed barcode gRNAs to both track cell lineages and direct lineage-specific gene expression.