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Continuous Roll-to-Roll Production of Carbon Nanoparticles from Candle Soot

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posted on 2021-03-23, 14:34 authored by Cheng Yang, Ziwei Li, Ya Huang, Kuangyu Wang, Yuanzheng Long, Zeliang Guo, Xiaoyan Li, Hui Wu
Carbon nanoparticles (CNPs) have been considered as essential components for various applications including sensors, quantum dots, electrocatalysts, energy storages, lubrication, and functional coatings. Uniform and functional CNP materials can be obtained from candle soot. However, the production of CNPs from candle soot is not a continuous process, limiting the practical production and applications of such materials. Here, a rotating-deposition and separation system for high-efficiency production of low-cost and high-quality CNPs from candle soot is presented. The characteristic of CNPs can be controlled by adjusting the system parameters. Moreover, obtained CNPs can act as photothermal superhydrophobic anti-icing coatings on various substrates. With a sliding angle of less than 3°, water drops can keep rolling off without further nucleation of ice. The reported preparing method is suitable for large-scale applications and various kinds of surfaces and shows great potentials in the growing demands of anti-icing.