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Contact Force Mediated Rapid Deposition of Colloidal Microspheres Flowing over Microstructured Barriers

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posted on 2021-06-02, 15:36 authored by P. Prakash, A. Z. Abdulla, M. Varma
Deposition of particles while flowing past constrictions is a ubiquitous phenomenon observed in diverse systems. Some common examples are jamming of salt crystals near the orifice of salt shakers, clogging of filter systems, gridlock in vehicular traffic, etc. Our work investigates the deposition events of colloidal microspheres flowing over microstructured barriers in microfluidic devices. The interplay of DLVO, contact, and hydrodynamic forces in facilitating rapid deposition of microspheres is discussed. Noticeably, a decrease in the electrostatic repulsion among microspheres leads to linear chain formations, whereas an increase in roughness results in rapid deposition.