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Computational Design of a Tetrapericyclic Cycloaddition and the Nature of Potential Energy Surfaces with Multiple Bifurcations

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posted on 2023-02-09, 15:16 authored by Ana Martin-Somer, Xiao-Song Xue, Cooper S. Jamieson, Yike Zou, K.N. Houk
An ambimodal transition state (TS) that leads to formation of four different pericyclic reaction products ([4 + 6]-, [2 + 8]-, [8 + 2]-, and [6 + 4]-cycloadducts) without any intervening minima has been designed and explored with DFT computations and quasiclassical molecular dynamics. Direct dynamics simulations propagated from the ambimodal TS show the evolution of trajectories to give the four cycloadducts. The topography of the PES is a key factor in product selectivity. A good correlation is observed between geometrical resemblance of the products to the ambimodal TS (measured by the RMSD) and the ratio of products formed in the dynamics simulations.