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Competing Liquid Phase Instabilities during Pulsed Laser Induced Self-Assembly of Copper Rings into Ordered Nanoparticle Arrays on SiO2

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posted on 01.11.2011, 00:00 by Y. Wu, J. D. Fowlkes, N. A. Roberts, J. A. Diez, L. Kondic, A. G. González, P. D. Rack
Nanoscale copper rings of different radii, thicknesses, and widths were synthesized on silicon dioxide thin films and were subsequently liquefied via a nanosecond pulse laser treatment. During the nanoscale liquid lifetimes, the rings experience competing retraction dynamics and thin film and/or Rayleigh–Plateau types of instabilities, which lead to arrays of ordered nanodroplets. Surprisingly, the results are significantly different from those of similar experiments carried out on a Si surface. We use hydrodynamic simulations to elucidate how the different liquid/solid interactions control the different instability mechanisms in the present problem.