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Coalescence-Induced Self-Propulsion of Droplets on Superomniphobic Surfaces

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posted on 2017-08-03, 00:00 authored by Hamed Vahabi, Wei Wang, Seth Davies, Joseph M. Mabry, Arun K. Kota
We utilized superomniphobic surfaces to systematically investigate the different regimes of coalescence-induced self-propulsion of liquid droplets with a wide range of droplet radii, viscosities, and surface tensions. Our results indicate that the nondimensional jumping velocity Vj* is nearly constant (Vj* ≈ 0.2) in the inertial-capillary regime and decreases in the visco-capillary regime as the Ohnesorge number Oh increases, in agreement with prior work. Within the visco-capillary regime, decreasing the droplet radius R0 results in a more rapid decrease in the nondimensional jumping velocity Vj* compared to increasing the viscosity μ. This is because decreasing the droplet radius R0 increases the inertial-capillary velocity Vic in addition to increasing the Ohnesorge number Oh.