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Choice of an Optimal Agitated Vessel for the Drawdown of Floating Solids

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posted on 2014-09-10, 00:00 authored by Ryszard Wójtowicz
This work presents experimental results of the drawdown of floating solids in agitated vessels. The effect of an agitator type, its location in the tank, and dispersed phase properties on minimum values of agitator speed and power requirements for floating solids suspension was investigated. The results were processed as dimensionless correlations using the Froude number and modified Reynolds number. A comparison was made between classical stirred tanks (with single or dual impeller systems) and a vibromixer agitated by a single, reciprocating disc. The tests showed that given an appropriate selection of disc diameter and off-bottom clearance, the power consumption for drawdown of floating solids in a vibromixer can be halved, compared to a classical stirred tank.