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Chaunopyran A: Co-Cultivation of Marine Mollusk-Derived Fungi Activates a Rare Class of 2‑Alkenyl-Tetrahydropyran

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posted on 03.05.2017, 19:13 by Zhuo Shang, Angela A. Salim, Robert J. Capon
Co-cultivation of Chaunopycnis sp. (CMB-MF028) and Trichoderma hamatum (CMB-MF030), fungal strains co-isolated from the inner tissue of an intertidal rock platform mollusc (Siphonaria sp), resulted in transcriptional activation of a rare class of 2-alkenyl-tetrahydropyran, chaunopyran A (7), and biotransformation and deactivation of the antifungal pyridoxatin (1), to methyl-pyridoxatin (8). This study illustrates the complexity of offensive and counter-offensive molecular defenses encountered during fungal co-cultivation, and the opportunities for activating new, otherwise transcriptionally silent secondary metabolites.