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Carbon Nanotube Film Gate in Vacuum Electronic Devices

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posted on 2018-07-05, 00:00 authored by Peng Liu, Duanliang Zhou, Chunhai Zhang, Xinhe Yang, Liang Liu, Lina Zhang, Kaili Jiang, Qunqing Li, Shoushan Fan
A superaligned carbon nanotube (SACNT) film can act as an ideal gate electrode in vacuum electronics due to its low secondary electron emission, high electron transparency, ultrasmall thickness, highly uniform electric field, high melting point, and high mechanical strength. We used a SACNT film as the gate electrode in a thermionic emission electron tube and field emission display prototype. The SACNT film gate in a thermionic emission electron tube shows a larger amplification factor. A triode tube with the SACNT film gate is used in an audio amplification circuit. The SACNT film gate electrode in field emission devices shows better field uniformity. The field emission display prototype is demonstrated to dynamically display Chinese characters.