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Buckling and Drying Kinetics of Particle-Stabilized Water Droplets Fully or Partially Immersed in an Oil Layer

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posted on 29.12.2020, 18:39 by Kohei Abe, Susumu Inasawa
We have investigated the effect of buckling of particle-stabilized water droplets on the drying kinetics. Particle-stabilized water droplets in an oil phase were prepared and the shrinking modes of the droplets during drying were controlled by the wettability of the particles. We obtained water droplets with and without buckling and used them in drying experiments. The drying times were comparable when the droplets were fully immersed in a thick oil layer. However, when the thickness of the oil layer was smaller than the droplet diameter, the buckled droplets showed faster drying. Observation of the reflection images around the droplets suggested that the buckled droplets preferentially shrank in the height direction, while the droplets without buckling isotropically shrank. Mathematical models that assumed diffusion of dissolved water molecules in the oil layer showed good agreement with the experimental data. The effective water–oil interfacial area was constant in the buckled droplets, whereas it shrank in the droplets without buckling. This would be a reason for the faster drying of the partially immersed buckled droplets. Particulate shells on liquid droplets could be used to enhance droplet drying.