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Bubble-Propelled Jellyfish-like Micromotors for DNA Sensing

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posted on 19.03.2019, 00:00 by Xueqing Zhang, Chengtao Chen, Jie Wu, Huangxian Ju
A chemically powered jellyfish-like micromotor was proposed by using a multimetallic shell and a DNA assembly with catalase decorations modified on the concave surface to simulate the umbrella-shaped body and the muscle fibers on the inner umbrella of jellyfish. Relying on the catalytic generation of oxygen gas by catalase in H2O2 fuel, the jellyfish-like micromotor showed good bubble-propelled motion in different biomedia with speed exceeding 209 μm s–1 in 1.5% H2O2. The jellyfish-like micromotors could also be applied for motion detection of DNA based on a displacement hybridization-triggered catalase release. The proposed jellyfish-like micromotors showed advantages of easy fabrication, good motion ability, sensitive motion detection of DNA, and good stability and reproducibility, indicating considerable promise for biological application.