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Boosting Electrically Actuated Manipulation of Water Droplets on Lubricated Surfaces through a Corona Discharge

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posted on 24.12.2020, 21:44 authored by Zheng Gong, Zhenpeng Su, Xiaofeng Liu, Di Pan, Jie Liu, Huai Zheng, Sang Woo Joo
Controllable liquid transportation is of great value in various practical applications. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a method of actuating high-speed droplet transport with large manipulation controllability on lubricated surfaces using a corona discharge generated by a simple needle-plate electrode configuration. Linear motion of droplets is realized with a maximum velocity of 30 mm/s. Factors affecting the velocity of these droplets are analyzed systematically, and the mechanism of droplet transport is explained. The lubrication film flow induced by charge deposition is shown to be the dominating factor in the droplet manipulation controllability. The new method presented here opens a new path of high-performance manipulation of liquid droplets by controlling the lubrication liquid film flow with charge deposition.