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Black Phosphorus Flake-Enabled Wireless Neuromodulation for Epilepsy Treatment

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posted on 2023-11-13, 12:34 authored by Deqi Yang, Qinjuan Ren, Jianfang Nie, Ya Zhang, Haofan Wu, Zhiqiang Chang, Bingfang Wang, Jing Dai, Yin Fang
Epilepsy is a prevalent and severe neurological disorder and generally requires prolonged electrode implantation and tether brain stimulation in refractory cases. However, implants may cause potential chronic immune inflammation and permanent tissue damage due to material property mismatches with soft brain tissue. Here, we demonstrated a nanomaterial-enabled near-infrared (NIR) neuromodulation approach to provide nongenetic and nonimplantable therapeutic benefits in epilepsy mouse models. Our study showed that crystal-exfoliated photothermal black phosphorus (BP) flakes could enhance neural activity by altering the membrane capacitive currents in hippocampus neurons through NIR photothermal neuromodulation. Optical stimulation facilitated by BP flakes in hippocampal slices evoked action potentials with a high spatiotemporal resolution. Furthermore, BP flake-enabled NIR neuromodulation of hippocampus neural circuits can suppress epileptic signals in epilepsy model mice with minimal invasiveness and high biocompatibility. Consequently, nanomaterial-enabled NIR neuromodulation may open up opportunities for nonimplantable optical therapy of epilepsy in nontransgenic organisms.