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Bioresorbable, Miniaturized Porous Silicon Needles on a Flexible Water-Soluble Backing for Unobtrusive, Sustained Delivery of Chemotherapy

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posted on 2020-05-18, 13:37 authored by Hyungjun Kim, Heung Soo Lee, Yale Jeon, Woohyun Park, Yue Zhang, Bongjoong Kim, Hanmin Jang, Baoxing Xu, Yoon Yeo, Dong Rip Kim, Chi Hwan Lee
Conventional melanoma therapies suffer from the toxicity and side effects of repeated treatments due to the aggressive and recurrent nature of melanoma cells. Less-invasive topical chemotherapies by utilizing polymeric microneedles have emerged as an alternative, but the sustained, long-lasting release of drug cargos remains challenging. In addition, the size of the microneedles is relatively bulky for the small, curvilinear, and exceptionally sensitive cornea for the treatment of ocular melanoma. Here, we report a design of bioresorbable, miniaturized porous-silicon (p-Si) needles with covalently linked drug cargos at doses comparable to those of conventional polymeric microneedles. The p-Si needles are built on a water-soluble film as a temporary flexible holder that can be intimately interfaced with the irregular surface of living tissues, followed by complete dissolution with saline solution within 1 min. Consequently, the p-Si needles remain embedded inside tissues and then undergo gradual degradation, allowing for sustained release of the drug cargos. Its utility in unobtrusive topical delivery of chemotherapy with minimal side effects is demonstrated in a murine melanoma model.