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Biomass-Derived Porous Carbonaceous Aerogel as Sorbent for Oil-Spill Remediation

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posted on 2016-11-07, 00:00 authored by Zhuqing Wang, Pengxiang Jin, Min Wang, Genhua Wu, Chen Dong, Aiguo Wu
We prepared a cost-effective, environmentally friendly carbonaceuous oil sorbent with a lotus effect structure using a simple one-pot hydrothermal reaction and a mild modification process. The carbonaceous oil sorbent can rapidly, efficiently, and continuously collect oil in situ from a water surface. This sorbent was unlike traditional sorbents because it was not dependent on the weight and volume of the sorption material. The sorbent was also successfully used to separate and collect crude oil from the water surface and can collect organic solvents underwater. This novel oil sorbent and oil-collection device can be used in case of emergency for organic solvent leakages, as well as leakages in tankers and offshore drilling platforms.