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Bioinspired Thermochromic Textile Based on Robust Cellulose Aerogel Fiber for Self-Adaptive Thermal Management and Dynamic Labels

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posted on 2023-09-27, 17:04 authored by Shan Jiang, Weidong Yan, Ce Cui, Weijie Wang, Jiatong Yan, Hong Tang, Ronghui Guo
Aerogel fiber has emerged recently for incorporation in personal thermal management textiles due to its flexibility, scalability, and ultrahigh porosity, which allows the body to keep warm via thermal isolation without energy consumption. However, the functionalization and intellectualization of cellulose-based aerogel fibers have not yet been fully developed. Herein, we propose a biomimicking design inspired by polar bear and Siamese cat hair that combines porous cellulose aerogel fiber (CAF) with reversible thermochromic microcapsules to mimic biological sensory and adaptive thermoregulation functions. The produced CAF has a controllable pore structure, a large specific surface area (230 m2/g), and excellent mechanical strength (∼15 MPa). Low-temperature darkening microcapsules have been incorporated into the robust CAF to spontaneously adjust color by perceiving the ambient temperature. The functional aerogel fiber fabric achieves high thermal insulation and photothermal modulation simultaneously at temperatures below 18 °C. The temperature of the thermochromic fabric was higher by 6 °C than that of the sample without the microcapsules at a light intensity of 0.2 W/cm2. In addition, the aerogel fibers mixed with two types of thermochromic microcapsules exhibit three color switches with fast response, a color-control precision of 0.2 °C, and good cycling performance. This smart aerogel fibers hold great promise for self-adaptive thermal management, temperature indication, information transfer, and anticounterfeiting in textiles.