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Batch Fabrication of Paper-Based Waterproof Flexible Pressure Sensors Enabled by Roll-to-Roll Lamination

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posted on 2023-08-23, 05:34 authored by Chen Zhang, Rui Chen, Wenliya Luo, Jincheng Wang, Dongyang Chen, Pengfeng Chen, Sirui Liu, Yu Xie, Wei Zhou, Tao Luo
Paper is a green and porous material that has been widely used in flexible pressure sensors due to its flexibility, renewability, and lightness. However, these sensors are often susceptible to environmental factors such as moisture and chemicals, leading to degradation or failure of their reliability for practical applications. Herein, we present a roll-to-roll lamination strategy for batch fabrication of paper-based waterproof flexible pressure sensors with good consistency based on single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) coated tissue paper pieces. The pieces are sandwiched between poly­(ethylene glycol) terephthalate (PET) films with a hot melt adhesive and screen-printed electrodes, and the layers are bonded reliably using roll-to-roll lamination. This process allows for the rapid fabrication of a batch of waterproof, flexible pressure sensors with high stability over 5000 loading/unloading cycles, an ultrashort response time of 8 ms, and a wide measurement range (450 kPa). These features enable our sensor to be utilized for human physiological signal detection, motion tracking, and drowning detection. Furthermore, the process also allows for the fabrication of sensor arrays for spatial pressure mapping and real-time human–machine interaction, expanding the application field of paper-based pressure sensors. This proposed batch fabrication strategy greatly enhances the consistency and reliability of paper-based pressure sensors, demonstrating endless possibilities for paper-based pressure sensors to be used for various applications.