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Automatic Sensing Setup for Methamphetamine Based on the Reactional Wettability Variation Strategy

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posted on 2020-12-18, 19:34 authored by Yang Zhao, Yahang Xie, Qifan Zhou, Pan Wang, Ying Chang, Changxu Lin
An automatic setup for reactional wettability variation (RWV) was developed by interlinking liquid selection and transportation, object movement, and image recognition. In this way, the performance of the RWV strategy is updated to a nearly unmanned control manner with the example of methamphetamine and its aptamer. On the automatic RWV detection setup, the sensing surface acts similarly as before. The aptamer-based sensing surface resulted from the breakdown of the hydrophobic basis. The hydrophobicity is constructed on the metastable aptamer layer, which is responsive to the corresponding target. Methamphetamine interacts with its corresponding aptamer and destroys the basis of the hydrophobicity. A decrease in contact angle indicates the existence of methamphetamine. The RWV phenomenon is also affected by concentration and temperature. The development of an automatic detection ability would bring new possibilities to the surface reaction on smarter detection.