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Antifouling Slippery Surface against Marine Biofouling

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posted on 2023-09-01, 23:20 authored by Xin Liu, Xiaolei Gu, Yuyang Zhou, Weihao Pan, Jiyu Liu, Jinlong Song
Titanium and its alloys have become the most excellent structure materials for naval seawater pipelines due to their high strength and good corrosion resistance. However, marine biofouling poses a serious threat to titanium alloy piping systems because of their good biocompatibility. Recently, the biomimetic antifouling coating, a novel antifouling method, has received great attention. Here, based on this biomimetic idea, we develop a nontoxic antifouling slippery surface (AFSS) using silicone oil, silane coupling agent, nanosilica, nanoceramic coating, epoxy resin, and capsaicin. The developed AFSS has excellent slippery performance for various droplets, good durability, and a superior self-cleaning property. Additionally, the antifouling performance of the AFSS was significantly enhanced, as confirmed by the reduced adhesion of proteins (70.7%), bacteria (97.2%), and algae (97.7%) compared to the ordinary titanium alloy. With these excellent properties, the AFSS was expected to be a promising candidate for protecting titanium alloy piping systems from marine biofouling.