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Anomalous Spin Behavior in Fe3GeTe2 Driven by Current Pulses

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posted on 2020-06-17, 17:06 authored by Ke Pei, Shanshan Liu, Enze Zhang, Xuebing Zhao, Liting Yang, Linfeng Ai, Zihan Li, Faxian Xiu, Renchao Che
Recently, 2D ferromagnetic materials have aroused wide interest for their magnetic properties and potential applications in spintronic and topological devices. However, their actual applications have been severely hindered by intricate challenges such as the unclear spin arrangement. In particular, the evolution of spin texture driven by high-density electron current, which is an essential condition for fabricating devices, remains unclear. Herein, the current-pulse-driven spin textures in 2D ferromagnetic material Fe3GeTe2 have been thoroughly investigated by in situ Lorentz transmission electron microscopy. The dynamic experiments reveal that the stripe domain structure in the AB and AC planes can be broken and rearranged by the high-density current. In particular, the density of domain walls can be modulated, which offers an avenue to achieve a high-density domain structure. This phenomenon is attributed to the weak interlayer exchange interaction in 2D metallic ferromagnetic materials and the strong disturbance from the high-density current. Therefore, a bubble domain structure and random magnetization in Fe3GeTe2 can be acquired by synchronous current pulses and magnetic fields. These achievements reveal domain structure transitions driven by the current in 2D metallic magnetic materials and provide references for the practical applications.