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All-Fiber-Structured Triboelectric Nanogenerator via One-Pot Electrospinning for Self-Powered Wearable Sensors

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posted on 21.05.2021, 03:16 by Jieyu Huang, Yi Hao, Min Zhao, Wei Li, Fenglin Huang, Qufu Wei
With the rapid development in wearable electronics, self-powered devices have recently attracted tremendous attention to overcome the restriction of conventional power sources. In this regard, a simple, scalable, and one-pot electrospinning fabrication technique was utilized to construct an all-fiber-structured triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). Ethyl cellulose was co-electrospun with polyamide 6 to serve as the triboelectric positive material, and a kind of strongly electronegative conductive material of MXene sheet was innovatively incorporated into poly­(vinylidene fluoride) nanofiber to act as a triboelectric negative material. The assembled all-fiber TENG exhibited excellent durability and stability, as well as excellent output performance, which reached a peak power density of 290 mW/m2 at a load resistance of 100 MΩ. More importantly, the TENG was capable of harvesting energy to power various light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and monitoring human movements as a self-powered sensor, providing a promising application prospect in wearable electronics.