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Acoustic Trapping and Manipulation of Hollow Microparticles under Fluid Flow Using a Single-Lens Focused Ultrasound Transducer

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posted on 2023-11-02, 21:29 authored by Paul Wrede, Amirreza Aghakhani, Ugur Bozuyuk, Erdost Yildiz, Metin Sitti
Microparticle manipulation and trapping play pivotal roles in biotechnology. To achieve effective manipulation within fluidic flow conditions and confined spaces, it is necessary to consider the physical properties of microparticles and the types of trapping forces applied. While acoustic waves have shown potential for manipulating microparticles, the existing setups involve complex actuation mechanisms and unstable microbubbles. Consequently, the need persists for an easily deployable acoustic actuation setup with stable microparticles. Here, we propose the use of hollow borosilicate microparticles possessing a rigid thin shell, which can be efficiently trapped and manipulated using a single-lens focused ultrasound (FUS) transducer under physiologically relevant flow conditions. These hollow microparticles offer stability and advantageous acoustic properties. They can be scaled up and mass-produced, making them suitable for systemic delivery. Our research demonstrates the successful trapping dynamics of FUS within circular tubings of varying diameters, validating the effectiveness of the method under realistic flow rates and ultrasound amplitudes. We also showcase the ability to remove hollow microparticles by steering the FUS transducer against the flow. Furthermore, we present potential biomedical applications, such as active cell tagging and navigation in bifurcated channels as well as ultrasound imaging in mouse cadaver liver tissue.