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A Tough Reversible Biomimetic Transparent Adhesive Tape with Pressure-Sensitive and Wet-Cleaning Properties

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posted on 19.11.2021, 20:35 authored by Ming Li, Weijun Li, Qingwen Guan, Xiaoli Dai, Jing Lv, Zhenhai Xia, Wee-Jun Ong, Eduardo Saiz, Xu Hou
Dry adhesives that combine strong adhesion, high transparency, and reusability are needed to support developments in emerging fields such as medical electrodes and the bonding of electronic optical devices. However, achieving all of these features in a single material remains challenging. Herein, we propose a pressure-responsive polyurethane (PU) adhesive inspired by the octopus sucker. This adhesive not only showcases reversible adhesion to both solid materials and biological tissues but also exhibits robust stability and high transparency (>90%). As the adhesive strength of the PU adhesive corresponds to the application force, adhesion could be adjusted by the preloading force and/or pressure. The adhesive exhibits high static adhesion (∼120 kPa) and 180° peeling force (∼500 N/m), which is far stronger than those of most existing artificial dry adhesives. Moreover, the adhesion strength is effectively maintained even after 100 bonding–peeling cycles. Because the adhesive tape relies on the combination of negative pressure and intermolecular forces, it overcomes the underlying problems caused by glue residue like that left by traditional glue tapes after removal. In addition, the PU adhesive also shows wet-cleaning performance; the contaminated tape can recover 90–95% of the lost adhesion strength after being cleaned with water. The results show that an adhesive with a microstructure designed to increase the contribution of negative pressure can combine high reversible adhesion and long fatigue life.