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A Near-Infrared-Triggered Dynamic Wrinkling Biointerface for Noninvasive Harvesting of Practical Cell Sheets

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posted on 2021-07-07, 16:09 authored by Wei Xu, Shuangshuang Chen, Mengting Yao, Xuesong Jiang, Qinghua Lu
Cell sheet engineering represents a new era of precise and efficient regenerative medicine, but its efficacy is limited by the elaborative preparation and the weak mechanics. Herein, a near-infrared (NIR)-triggered dynamic wrinkling biointerface was designed for rapid acquisition of practical cell sheets. The biocompatible NIR can initiate the photothermal-mechanical linkage cascade to efficiently dissolve the collagen supporting layer and release the high-quality cell sheets. The interfacial shear force generates with the dynamic wrinkling, playing an active role in accelerating the cell sheet release. High-quality and self-supporting cell sheets can be harvested within a few minutes, demonstrating a new paradigm of photothermal-mechanical manipulation. The transplantable cell sheets with outstanding physiological and mechanical performances were proven to promote wound healing in skin regeneration. This method may open a completely new front in thermal and mechanical responsive cascade to harvest cell sheets, facilitating their wide applications in regenerative medicine.