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A Microflow Cytometer Enabled by Monolithic Integration of a Microreflector with an Acoustic Resonator

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posted on 2024-02-21, 21:35 authored by Yaping Wang, Wei Wei, Xieruiqi Guan, Yang Yang, Bingyi Tang, Wenlan Guo, Chen Sun, Xuexin Duan
Current microflow cytometers suffer from complicated fluidic integration and low fluorescence collection efficiency, resulting in reduced portability and sensitivity. Herein, we demonstrated a new flow cell design based on an on-chip monolithically integrated microreflector with a bulk acoustic wave resonator (MBAW). It enables simultaneous 3D particle focusing and fluorescence enhancement without using shear flow. Benefited by the on-chip microreflector, the captured fluorescence intensity was 1.8-fold greater than that of the Si substrate and 8.3-fold greater than that of the SiO2 substrate, greatly improving the detection sensitivity. Combined with the contactless acoustic streaming-based focusing, particle sensing with a coefficient of variation as low as 6.1% was achieved. We also demonstrated the difference between live and dead cells and performed a cell cycle assay using the as-developed microflow cytometry. This monolithic integrated MBAW provides a new type of opto-acoustofluidic system and has the potential to be a highly integrated, highly sensitive flow cytometer for applications such as in vitro diagnostics and point of care.