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A General Approach to Free-Standing Nanoassemblies via Acoustic Levitation Self-Assembly

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posted on 10.04.2019, 00:00 authored by Qianqian Shi, Wenli Di, Dashen Dong, Lim Wei Yap, Lin Li, Duyang Zang, Wenlong Cheng
Droplets suspended by acoustic levitation provide genuine substrate-free environments for understanding unconventional fluid dynamics, evaporation kinetics, and chemical reactions by circumventing solid surface and boundary effects. Using a fully levitated air–water interface by acoustic levitation in conjunction with drying-mediated nanoparticle self-assembly, here, we demonstrate a general approach to fabricating free-standing nanoassemblies, which can totally avoid solid surface effects during the entire process. This strategy has no limitation for the sizes or shapes of constituent metallic nanoparticle building blocks and can also be applied to fabricate free-standing bilayered and trilayered nanoassemblies or even three-dimensional hollow nanoassemblies. We believe that our strategy may be further extended to quantum dots, magnetic particles, colloids, etc. Hence, it may lead to a myriad of homogeneous or heterogeneous free-standing nanoassemblies with programmable functionalities.