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A Fully Integrated Wireless Flexible Ammonia Sensor Fabricated by Soft Nano-Lithography

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posted on 2019-02-22, 00:00 authored by Ning Tang, Cheng Zhou, Lihuai Xu, Yang Jiang, Hemi Qu, Xuexin Duan
Flexible ammonia (NH3) sensors based on one-dimensional nanostructures have attracted great attention due to their high flexibility and low power consumption. However, it is still challenging to reliably and cost-effectively fabricate ordered nanostructure-based flexible sensors. Herein, a smartphone-enabled fully integrated system based on a flexible nanowire sensor was developed for real-time NH3 monitoring. Highly aligned, sub-100 nm nanowires on a flexible substrate fabricated by facile and low-cost soft lithography were used as sensitive elements to produce impedance response. The detection signals were sent to a smartphone and displayed on the screen in real time. This nanowire-based sensor exhibited robust flexibility and mechanical durability. Moreover, the integrated NH3 sensing system presented enhanced performance with a detection limit of 100 ppb, as well as high selectivity and reproducibility. The power consumption of the flexible nanowire sensor was as low as 3 μW. By using this system, measurements were carried out to obtain reliable information about the spoilage of foods. This smartphone-enabled integrated system based on a flexible nanowire sensor provided a portable and efficient way to detect NH3 in daily life.