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A Fluorescence-Activated Single-Droplet Dispenser for High Accuracy Single-Droplet and Single-Cell Sorting and Dispensing

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posted on 03.05.2019, 00:00 by Yuling Qin, Li Wu, Jingang Wang, Rui Han, Jingyu Shen, Jiasi Wang, Shihan Xu, Amy L. Paguirigan, Jordan L. Smith, Jerald P. Radich, Daniel T. Chiu
The ability to sort and dispense droplets accurately is essential to droplet-based single-cell analysis. Here, we describe a fluorescence-activated single-droplet dispenser (FASD) that is analogous to a conventional fluorescence-activated cell sorter, but sorts droplets containing single cells within an oil emulsion. The FASD system uses cytometric detection and electrohydrodynamic actuation-based single-droplet manipulation, allowing droplet isolation and dispensing with high efficiency and accuracy. The system is compatible with multiwell plates and can be integrated with existing microfluidic devices and large-scale screening systems. By enabling sorting based on single-cell reactions such as PCR, this platform will help expand the basis of cell sorting from mainly protein biomarkers to nucleic acid sequences and secreted biomolecules.