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A Dual Functional 2D MOF Exhibiting Rare Photosalient Effect as well as Selective Pd(II) Sensing in Aqueous Medium

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posted on 2022-08-16, 15:20 authored by Sambhunath Bera, Basudeb Dutta, Debasish Mandal, Chittaranjan Sinha, Mohammad Hedayetullah Mir
A Zn­(II) based two-dimensional metal–organic framework (2D MOF) [Zn2(suc)2(4-nvp)2] (1) [H2suc = succinic acid and 4-nvp = 4-(1-naphthylvinyl)­pyridine] exhibits a “photosalient effect” under UV light as well as sunlight along with the release of a stereoselective cyclobutane ligand, 1,3-bis­(4′-pyridyl)-2,4-bis­(naphthyl)­cyclobutane (rctt-4-pncb). Photolysis of in situ generated MOF in solution also leads to the formation of rctt-4-pncb crystals. Interestingly, compound 1 shows a high selectivity for Pd­(II) sensing in aqueous medium.