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3D Chiral Energy-Absorbing Structures with a High Deformation Recovery Ratio Fabricated via Selective Laser Melting of the NiTi Alloy

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posted on 2023-11-03, 09:04 authored by Xuyang Li, Hao Wang, Lianfa Sun, Xiaoyue Wang, Yang Pan, Meng Zhou, Xiaogang Guo
Excellent energy-absorbing structures have been highly sought after in engineering applications to improve devices and personal safety. The ideal energy absorption mechanism should exhibit characteristics such as lightweight, high energy absorption capacity, and efficient reusability. To address this demand, a novel three-dimensional (3D) chiral lattice structure with compression-twist coupling deformation is fabricated by combining the left and right chiral units. The proposed structure was fabricated in NiTi shape memory alloys (SMAs) by using laser powder bed fusion technology. The compression experiment result indicates that the shape recovery ratio is as high as 94% even when the compression strain is over 80%. Additionally, the platform strain reaches as high as 66%, offering high-level specific energy absorption, i.e., 213.02 J/g. The obtained results are of great significance for basic research and engineering applications of energy-absorbing structures with high deformation recovery ratios.