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pH-Sensitive Acetalated Dextran/PLGA-Based Double-Layered Microparticles and Their Application in Food Preservation

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posted on 15.02.2021, 20:45 by Agni Kumar Biswal, Aiswarya Thattaru Thodikayil, Sampa Saha
Double-layered microparticles (150–190 μm) composed of biodegradable poly­(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) and pH-responsive acetalated dextran were fabricated using a one-step emulsion solvent evaporation technique. Nearly 80% dextran was released from the microparticles after 20 days of incubation in pH ∼ 5 medium, and the complete disappearance of shell (Ac-dextran) layer was also evident from scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images after 20 days under the same condition. However, the Ac-dextran shell was found to remain unchanged in neutral pH. Dual actives such as antibacterial (benzoic acid) and antioxidant (tocopherol) were incorporated in the shell and core of the microparticles to exploit their applications as food-preserving materials. An accelerated release of antibacterial and a controlled release of antioxidant were found to be useful for prolonging the shelf life of a low-pH food such as pork broth (pH ∼ 5) over 20 days by providing complete bacterial growth inhibition and high radical scavenging efficiency (70–90%).