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l-Cysteine-Modified Graphene Oxide-Based Membrane for Chiral Selective Separation

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posted on 2021-10-09, 16:43 authored by Jinglei Liu, Wenbo Yuan, Caifeng Li, Mengmeng Cheng, Yan Su, Lijian Xu, Tianfei Chu, Shifeng Hou
A novel chiral separation membrane was fabricated by assembling l-cysteine (l-Cys)-modified graphene oxide sheets. l-Cys modification leads to an enantiomer separation membrane with an accessible interlayer spacing of 8 Å, which allows high solvent permeability. In the racemate separation experiments under isobaric conditions, the enantiomeric excess (ee) values of alanine (Ala), threonine (Thr), tyrosine (Tyr), and penicillamine (Pen) racemates in the permeation solution were 43.60, 44.11, 27.43, and 46.44%, respectively. In the racemate separation experiments under negative pressure, the separation performances of Ala, Thr, and Tyr were still maintained, and the enantiomeric excess (ee) values of the filtrate after separation were 56.80, 54.57, and 32.34%, respectively. These results indicate that the as-prepared GO-Cys membrane has a great practical value in the field of enantiomer separation.