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cis-to-trans Isomerization Promoted by Pyridine as a Crucial Step for the Selective Preparation of trans-Pt(SAr)(Cl)(PAr‘3)2

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posted on 2006-02-06, 00:00 authored by Fumikazu Yamashita, Hitoshi Kuniyasu, Jun Terao, Nobuaki Kambe
The general strategy for the syntheses of trans-Pt(SAr)(Cl)(PAr‘3)2 (1) (Ar = Ph, C6H4-2-Me, C6H4-3-OMe C6H4-2-F, etc.; Ar‘ = Ph, C6H4-4-OMe, C6H4-4-Me, and C6H4-4-CF3) by the reaction of cis-PtCl2(PAr‘3)2 with ArSH has been developed. The mechanistic investigation suggested that isomerization of cis-1 into trans-1 promoted by the combined use of C6H6 as a solvent and pyridine as a base was the key to the successful preparation of 1.