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2-Alkyne)methyl(dioxo)rhenium Complexes as Aldehyde-Olefination Catalysts

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posted on 08.02.2003, 00:00 authored by Ana M. Santos, Carlos C. Romão, Fritz E. Kühn
Complexes CH3ReO2L (L = 2-butyne, 3-hexyne, diphenylacetylene) are catalysts for the olefination of aldehydes, using 4-nitrobenzaldehyde (4-nba) as the standard aldehyde and ethyldiazoacetate (eda) as the diazo compound. Spectroscopic studies including in situ 31P, 17O, 13C, and 1H NMR spectroscopy are used to elucidate the mechanism and the nature of the active species. One of the key steps of the mechanism is the rapid formation of phosphazine at the beginning of the cycle and its subsequent reaction with the metal dioxide complex to form the catalytically active carbene species.