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p‑Terphenyl Derivatives from the Endolichenic Fungus Floricola striata

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posted on 24.08.2016, 16:19 by Wei Li, Wei Gao, Ming Zhang, Yue-Lan Li, Lin Li, Xiao-Bin Li, Wen-Qiang Chang, Zun-Tian Zhao, Hong-Xiang Lou
Ten new p-terphenyl derivatives, floricolins A–J (110), together with six known compounds (1116), were isolated from the extract of the endolichenic fungus Floricola striata. Chemical structures of these compounds were elucidated using spectroscopic data (HRESIMS and NMR). Among them, 9 and 10 were enantiomeric mixtures, and their configurations were established by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis using Cu Kα radiation. Evaluation of the isolated compounds against Candida albicans revealed that the most active compound, 3 (MIC 8 μg/mL), exerted fungicidal action by destruction of the cell membrane.