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n‑Pentenyl-Type Glycosides for Catalytic Glycosylation and Their Application in Single-Catalyst One-Pot Oligosaccharide Assemblies

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posted on 23.09.2019, 13:42 authored by Yujia Zu, Chenglin Cai, Jingyuan Sheng, Lili Cheng, Yingle Feng, Shengyong Zhang, Qi Zhang, Yonghai Chai
We have developed a new type of n-pentenyl-type glycosides that can be activated by catalytic amounts of promoter, Hg­(NTf2)2 or PPh3AuCl/AgNTf2, at room temperature. The mild activation conditions and outstanding stability of common protection/deprotection manipulations enable the enynyl donors to have broad applications in constructing various glycosidic bonds. Furthermore, under the Hg­(NTf2)2-catalyzed conditions, the sequential activation of different types of donors was achieved, based on which a gentiotetrasaccharide was synthesized via the newly developed single-catalyst one-pot strategy.