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gem-Diprenylation of Acylphloroglucinols by a Fungal Prenyltransferase of the Dimethylallyltryptophan Synthase Superfamily

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posted on 2016-12-28, 17:50 authored by Kang Zhou, Carsten Wunsch, Jungui Dai, Shu-Ming Li
Aspergillus terreus aromatic prenyltransferase (AtaPT) catalyzes predominantly C-monoprenylation of acylphloroglucinols in the presence of different prenyl diphosphates. With dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP) as prenyl donor, gem-diprenylated products 1D3, 2D3, and 3D3 were also detected. High conversion of 1D1 to 1D3, 2D1 to 2D3, and 3D1 to 3D3 was demonstrated by incubation with AtaPT and DMAPP. The first example of gem-diprenylation by a member of the dimethylallyltryptophan synthase superfamily is provided.